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Are you a hardware supplier looking at extending your client-base? Look no further. We feature reliable hardware suppliers and products on a regular basis and would like to work with you!

About Sock Spider Radio

We are a band of experienced and hardworking handymen and women who know the construction and repair industry like the back of our hands. We know what products deliver and love recommending tried and tested methods and products to our readers. Read more about who we are on our About page.

What we Write About

  • Home repair
  • Hardware
  • Tools
  • Landscaping

We offer hardware stores the possibility of advertising on our blog in order for them to expand their business.

What to Do

We’d love to hear from you and compile an extensive contract stipulating advertising opportunities with us. We offer the following type of ads:

Promotions – if you want to run a promotion, we’d love to assist with the admin thereof.
Display ads – if you want some banner ads promoting your business sites, we can help with that.
Reviews – our panel of experts are constantly reviewing products and stores

Please send us an email stipulating which type of ads it is you are interested in and we can compile a contract best suited for your business needs.


Alternatively, you can give us a call at 503-531-0646 and we can discuss other advertising opportunities at Sock Spider Radio.

We look forward to collaborating with you!