How to Fix a Squeaky Door in 5 Simple Steps

Squeaking doors can be quite a headache. But it is quite simple to fix. Firstly you’ll need to find the source of the squeak. We always advise identifying whether there is more than one door that squeaks before setting out on repairing only one and finding that there is, in fact, several doors squeaking in the house. This job is so simple, you don’t have to be an expert to get it done! Let’s take a look at just how easy it is.

1. Gun Oil To Get Squeakless Doors

Even though you are able to use any type of oil, we highly recommend in purchasing some Gun Oil as this is specifically made of metal surfaces.

2. Extract Hinge Pins

This is done, one at a time, with a screwdriver and hammer. Simply tap the pin from underneath using a hammer and screwdriver until the pin is exposed. Remember not to remove all hinge pins as you don’t want to remove the whole door.

3. Administer Gun Oil

Using a brush or old piece of cloth, wet it just a little bit with some of the gun oil and rub it on the exposed hinge pin. Take care not to use too much.

4. Tap Hinge Pin Back In Place

Once you have applied the gun oil, simply tap it back into place using the screwdriver and hammer. Then, simply move the door back and forth to ensure the whole hinge gets enough oil to eliminate the dreadful squeak.

5. Repeat Steps 1-4 With All the Hinge Pins and Doors

Carefully work your way, repeating the above steps, through all the hinge pins and doors in the house to ensure no hinge is left dry and squeaking. The result should be a house full of perfectly swiveling doors with no squeaks whatsoever!

Did you find these tips helpful? Have you ever fixed a squeaky door before? Do you perhaps know of other handy tips on how to repair a squeaking door or floorboards? We’d love to hear in the comment section below.